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Opting For Promotional USB

What To Consider When Opting For A Promotional USB

A promotional USB is becoming a recently popular form of the promotional products marketing strategy. As their popularity grows, so does the number of product manufacturers that are offering USBs. This can make it difficult to decide what size, shape, storage capacity, colour, style, and other features you should opt for. Today, we’re going to go over a list of things you should consider when looking for the perfect promotional USB for your business.

Quality First

The products you give away reflect on your business. If you give away cheap hats or pens that stop working after the first week, consumers are going to connect your business subconsciously with a low-quality trait. However, if you give away high-quality products that consumers see value in, they will connect your business with a high-quality trait.

There are a few indications that you should be looking for that identify the difference between a high-quality and a low-quality promotional USB. These include the quality of the memory chip, print quality, fit of the cap, plastic vs. metal looping for keychains, and the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Company That Produces In-House Products

You don’t ever want to run out of your promotional products, especially right before the big tradeshows. You should consider the source of the Promotional USB and their availability for the turnaround. Those manufacturers that produce products in-house are typically able to supply you with your products within a week. Others who opt for outsourcing their manufacturing tend to take much longer to get your order to you.

Storage Capacity

The point of the promotional USB is to spread your brand awareness. For this to happen you want the promotional USB to be used by the consumer often and for others around the consumer to see the product. Opting for a promotional USB that has a large storage capacity is the key to ensuring it gets used by the consumer.

If you purchase USBs with low storage capacity, it’s likely consumers aren’t going to use them on a regular basis. This is because they won’t be able to store all their information on one device. They will just opt to use another USB instead of carrying around multiple ones.

Mini Corporate promotional  USBs


When you purchase these USBs, they can come with keychains, lanyards, and other accessories. Keep in mind your target audience and what would be the most convenient for them to use. It’s likely younger students will opt for USBs that have keychains on them. Business professionals may require a different accessory. Analyze your market and see what accessories fit their needs the best.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure you always get the best promotional USB for your consumer to use.

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